Life is a Fight For Territory
Break Free from Living an Average Life
What Is This Book About?
 Whatever your philosophy on happiness, taking responsibility for your growth, having the courage to face life and get the best out of whatever experiences you face is undoubtedly the best strategy for growth for every aspect of your nature.
I hope in some small way this book can help you in that pursuit by giving you a formula for extracting more of the rich marrow out of life. 
It works for everyone that works it and applies it!

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Hear what others are saying about Life is a Fight For Territory:
"I have been contemplating going back to school for many years to completely change my career. After reading Mr. Stoecklein's book, “Break Free from Living an Average Life” I now know fear comes from fear itself. I will never obtain my dreams or true potential without taking risks. Thanks for the inspiration!"
-Karla Luers  
"Thankful for the words of wisdom in this book and the principles that Chris shares with his readers. He inspires people to become their very best, living life to the fullest. He also reminds us that first vibrant transformation must start on the inside as we understand and live out important foundational principles."
-Lisa Rourk
“Are you at a point in your life when you are ready for a change...ready for more? Ready to be the best version of you...but don't know where to start? I highly recommend reading Chris Stoecklein's book "Life is a FIGHT for Territory - BREAK FREE From Living an Average life". You can feel the passion and sincerity with which the book was written - and it's contagious! Chris does an excellent job at condensing lots of information into an easy-to-read format. This book will make you think about your life and where you are headed and give some great tips on how to view and overcome obstacles that as humans we will all face when we attempt to make transformations. You will put this book down feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to break the chains that have held you back from living your best life.”
     -Daniel Allison
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
When you put yourself in an environment that is conducive to your growth, you will burst into LIFE! Your potential is always there.
  When we are comfortable, we don't spend much time thinking about what we want, where it is or how we can get it. Instead we focus on what we don't want and worrying about losing what we have. 
If you are going to change, then you have to be ready for EVERYTHING to change! People you love as well as those you are indifferent about will try to keep you stuck where you are, consciously often unconsciously, because they don't understand or they don't want change to happen to them.
The feelings you experience in that marvelous body of yours, like doubt, fear and anxiety stop you from doing things that you would otherwise like to do. If any of these things are stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams, then the underlying beliefs that are responsible need to go!
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